Lovin’ me some Steel Cut Oats

This morning I had steel cut oats for breakfast.  My mom has always been a fan of this style, and I was reminded of their existence by our California friends.  I picked some up in the organic cereal section of my grocery last week when we got back from our trip.  I posted my yummy breakfast (steel cut oats, brown sugar, walnuts, blueberries, almond milk) on Facebook and a friend suggested steel cut oats would make a good blog entry.

When a whole oat grain is cut into small pieces using steel blades it becomes “steel cut oats.”  (As opposed to the more common rolled oats, which are flattened using rollers, and quick cook oats which are cooked and then flattened.)  This results in little pieces that are about the size of rice grains and golden in color.  Because the grains are essentially whole, they take longer to cook, but have a lower glycemic index than rolled or instant oats, and maintain the nutritional value of the whole oat grain.  Of course, being oats, they are naturally gluten-free.

Each serving has 170 calories, 25 of those are fat. (My breakfast had more calories due to the yummy albeit nutritious add ins.)  Each serving provides 14% of the RDA for protein, 20% of fiber, and 10% of your RDA for iron, all in a  nutty, course-textured bowl of yumminess.

In addition to the nutritional value and yummy factors, on the side of the Bob’s Red Mill, there’s a great story of how Bob’s Red Mill became the first steel cut oat company outside of Scotland to win the coveted “Golden Spurtle.”  (A spurtle is a Scottish wooden porridge-stirring utensil.)

The recipe I used was on the side of this bag of steel cut oats from Bob’s Red Mill

Bring 3 cups of water to a boil.  Add 1/4 tsp salt and 1 cup of steel cut oats.  Stir, reduce heat to simmer and cover.  Cook for 20 minutes or until water is absorbed and oats are al dente, stirring every couple of minutes. 

Serve with your choice of toppings.  One site I read recommended adding cinnamon, for its added effects on glycemic control.  Another commenter mentioned they liked the chewiness of raw steel cut oats after they’ve sat in yogurt for a few hours–I assume they must open their yogurt, put in some oats, seal it back up and enjoy it for lunch.  No matter how you top it though, I’m lovin’ me some steel cut oats!  Yummy!



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3 responses to “Lovin’ me some Steel Cut Oats

  1. Heidi,
    I’ve been wanting to try steel-cut oats. I’m a huge oatmeal fan, especially because of my cholesterol concerns. I wonder if steel-cut is more effective with the cholesterol?

    • Hey Chris! I haven’t found a comparison, but from this link it appears as long as the oats you eat are whole grain (old fashioned rolled or steel cut) you get the benefit of cholesterol reduction no matter which you prefer. I’m really liking the texture of the steel cut, plus the slow glycemic release–they seem to stay with me longer!

    • PS, Chris: Mr16 prefers the texture of old fashioned rolled oats to the steel cut…..more steel cut for me! : )

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