Readers’ Photo Gallery

Send me photos of food you make from Somethin’ Yummy recipes or other related photos, and I’ll post them here!  Contact me:, or via Facebook if you’re one of my FB buddies!

Recently, I blogged about the Better Homes and Gardens Cookbook.  Sue sent me a pic of her tortured book–check out the burn marks from the stove…

Sue had been looking for a goulash recipe, came across mine and made her version with elbow macaroni:

After a request for more crockpot recipes, Sue made the Cashew Chicken:

Sue mastered the Carnitas and created her own masterpieces:

Carol made the carnitas too–her first time with pulled pork.  She did great, and then created carnitas tacos to drool over:

Sue made Tuna Melts for herself (on asiago bagel) and daughter Em (plain bagel).  She used scallions for the shallots and honey mustard mayo for the dijon, reporting they were yummy!

BFF Becky made the Chocolate Cheesecake Cups with a dollop of whipped cream and a raspberry–yummy and beautiful!

Sue made Quick and Easy Tortilla Soup!

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