Hi!  I’m Heidi, a retired middle school librarian, wife, and mom to saxophone and oboe-playing Mr19, now in his second year as a music major.  I have a thing for all things food (and wine).  I love to cook, I love to eat, I love kitchen gadgets, I have kitchen appliances I can’t live without.  I even like to read about cooking–nonfiction and fiction both.  You’ll find posts about all of these and more in this blog!

My cooking life was nurtured by my mom.  One of the first things I remember making with her was pie.  She taught me to make crusts, and told me the story of how she once made a pie crust that wasn’t cooperating; the story ending with the pie crust grimy from being over-worked and her in tears.  She didn’t give up on pies, and while we had our differences–as mothers and daughters do–she never gave up on me either.  She loved to cook.  Cooking keeps me close to her now that she’s gone.  I think she would have loved this blog, especially the role her recipes play in it. (Search Celine and a bunch of her recipes should come up.)  I miss being able to call her with my cooking questions or calling with celebrations of something I’ve made that turned out especially well.

My kitchen has evolved over the years.  What was once a standard modular home kitchen (tiny-no counter space-no storage) is now one with an island large enough to be called a continent with it’s own sink and power strip.  It makes all the difference for cooking and entertaining!  I’ve been feathering my empty-nest kitchen with red small appliances and gadgets.  Red is such a happy, warm and appetizing color.  For me, it makes my kitchen a joy to work in.

I’ve recently become vegan for health reasons.  So, while an abundance of omnivorous recipes can be found here, newer recipes will be mainly vegan.  At first the idea of limiting my meals to plants only AND keeping the fat to 2.5 g per serving scared me.  A lot.  I couldn’t fathom being able to make somethin’ yummy meal after meal without olive oil, butter, cheese and eggs.  I’ve been learning and cooking and learning and reading lots and lots of vegan blogs and cookbooks.  I feel better, I’ve lost a bit of weight and I’ve honestly never been happier with the food I eat.  It actually makes me smile.  Vegan food IS somethin’ yummy!

I hope you’ll enjoy Somethin’ Yummy and be inspired to make somethin’ yummy yourself!  A special thanks to my good friend and fellow blogger, Carol, who took the picture of me (during my 50th birthday party!).

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  1. Vicki Stites

    This is incredible, Heidi! What fun it is to read your recipes and comments. I’m doin’ chicken soup for dinner tonight. You are helping me get over the “I’ve been cooking for so long, I can’t think of anything new to fix,” doldrums! What a talented and creative person you are—thank you for sharing. I just LOVE the internet–what did we do before we had it???

    • So glad you’re enjoying this! I’m having a blast doing it. I have become a bit obsessed about photographing whatever I’m cooking, though. ; ) I’ve started seeing all food (at the grocery store, at restaurants, at friends’ houses…..) through the lens of the blog.

  2. Hey there! I recently went vegan too, and I’m always excited to meet others who follow a plant-based diet. Where we differ is that you were a good cook before going vegan, and I didn’t learn how to cook until I went vegan. I used to eat mostly frozen foods, but going plant-based has forced me to actually cook. I hated it at first, but as I improve I’m learning to like it. I love your blog and look forward to reading more of your posts. Celeste 🙂

    • Hi Celeste! Hurray for you going vegan! It’s scary jumping off into a world of no dairy or meat, but I’m so pleased with the lighter, fresher yumminess of the food. I’ve got a backlog of photos in my phone for upcoming posts that will hopefully be up soon–a portabello burger with a killer aioli, and a couple of fresh veggie pastas. Thanks for visiting and following! Heidi 🙂

  3. Ann Y.

    Hey…Found your blog on a link from another blog. Am a non-retired Middle School Librarian who is looking toward retirement and loves to cook, too. Always say when I retire I want to start a blog…so you are my inspiration. Just have to say, love the writing about you mom….my mom was a great cook too…and I also miss being able to call her up and talk about cooking. I will never forget when I made pie crust for the first time, calling her and her saying…”I can’t help you…I’d have to feel it to tell you what it needs…” ! Looking forward to reading your posts. !

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