Frozen, Blended Coffee Nirvana

Just yesterday it was warm.  The sun was shining, birds were singing, crocus were blooming, spring had sprung.  Time for frozen coffee!  So smooth and creamy and caffeine-y…totally the best way to enjoy coffee when it’s warm out!  Ahhhhhh……

I learned to make “frozens” at my all-time FAVORITE local coffee shop, The Coffee Studio.  TCS was a great little shop that combined great coffee, pastries baked right there, art and attitude.  Unfortunately, the evil empire of Starbucks moved into the grocery store next door and squished the life out of this wonderful local shop.  Buy local coffee, folks.  Doing so supports your neighbors.  And, coffee really shouldn’t taste burned; just sayin’.

For one coffee drink:

  • 4 TBSP total flavored syrup(s) of your choice  (This means if you use two flavors, 2 TBSP of each, for example.)  You could skip flavors entirely, if you prefer.
  • enough brewed coffee or espresso to fill your blender to the 1 cup line
  • 5 generous TBSP of Big Train Blended Coffee powder
  • ice–I pre-crush it (my blender is wimpy) and measure 2/3 of the cup I plan to use for the finished frozen coffee.

First of all, decide what flavor syrups you’re in the mood for.  Michael wanted white chocolate and hazelnut this morning, Mr17 had cookie dough and butterscotch, I had white chocolate, peanut butter and butterscotch.  I eyeball them into the blender, because I use the very bottom of the blender–where the blade is–to measure, but you can measure-measure until you get the hang of the frozen.

Then pour in enough brewed coffee or espresso to the 1 cup mark on your blender.  You can save coffee from the end of yesterday’s pot or brew fresh.  Espresso gives a richer coffee flavor!

Add 5 generous (meaning I don’t level the spoon) TBSP of the Big Train powder.  This magic powder is what provides the creamy, consistant texture of your frozen, keeping it from separating into liquid and ice.

Now time for the ice.  My blender is just a wimpy, basic blender and doesn’t do a great job blending ice cubes, so I do a rough pre-crush using a ziploc bag and this handy-dandy ice crusher thingy that came with my husband (bonus!).  A meat tenderizer or rolling pin  in pounding mode will work as well.

I pour the crushed ice into the cup I plan to use to a level of about two thirds.  If your ice is not pre-crushed, you’ll need about 1 and 1/2 of your cup-fulls.  These are nice insulated ones I got at Bed Bath and Beyond that have a straw with stirring fins at the base.

Dump the ice into the blender and blend until smooth.

Pour into your cup and sip away.

Or top with whipped cream and a coordinating ice cream syrup.  Can you say milk shake?!  Mmm-hmm.  These are dangerous.

We try to lesson the danger a bit by using sugar-free syrups and light whipped cream.  We have a variety of syrups so we can make a ton of different frozens.  I think about The Coffee Studio every time I make one.  This recipe comes close to the yummy frozens Kellie made there.  *Sigh* 

It’s cold and snowing here today, but the frozen was still yummy!  Here’s to Spring!  What are you doing to celebrate the season?

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2 responses to “Frozen, Blended Coffee Nirvana

  1. These look scrumptious! I always wondered what kept frozen coffees from separating. Mind if I ask… what are the ingredients in the Big Train blended coffee powder?

    • Sugar, coconut oil, maltodextrin, nonfat milk, corn syrup solids, coffee, natural and artificial flavors, sodium caseinate, cocoa powder, silicon dioxide, salt, carrageenan, dipotassium phosphate, propylene glycol, esters of fatty acids, mono- and diglycerides, soy lecithan, guar gum, xanthan gum, annatto extract.

      A 4 TBSP serving has 180 cal, 60 of which come from fat, total fat 7g, sat fat 6g, cholesterol 0g, Sodium 100g, total carbs 27, 17 of those are sugars, protein 2g, 2% of USDA for vitamin C, 6% for calcium.

      Not a health food, but, well, really yummy. ; )

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