Wild Margaritas

A couple weeks ago, Michael and I joined friends at  Tahona Tequila Bistro in Boulder.  We sat at the bar and were schooled in tequilas we had never heard of before.  Michael’s and my favorite was Hacienda De Chihuahua Sotol Reposado.  Not a true tequila, as it is not made from the required agave variety to be called tequila, but made from wild, organic, sustainably grown agave.  The Reposado is aged in oak barrels.  Reading the reviews in the link might make you think you’re at a wine review site, using words like warm spice, caramel, peppery, and complex.  It is super smooth, without the bite I usually associate with a tequila. This Sotol is THE yummy-factor in these margaritas, and what I wanted to share with you most in this post.

If you make your own margaritas, the ingredients will be pretty familiar.  I’m giving amounts in “parts” which can then be adjusted to make one margarita or a whole pitcher.

  • 1/4 part orange liqueur, such as Triple Sec (economical–the one I have for just that reason) or Cointreau (pricey, but yummy)
  • 1 part tequila (Get the Sotol–you’ll be soooo glad!)
  • 3 parts premade margarita mix
  • lime
  • kosher salt–NOT table salt–the bigger crystals of kosher salt are what you want here
  • ice

Start by assembling your ingredients.  Cut a small wedge of lime and run it around the rim of each glass to moisten it.

Tip the moistened rim into a bowl of kosher salt.

Add ice cubes.

Add the tequila, Triple Sec (Cointreau), and margarita mix.  I used a smallish shot glass to measure and doubled the amounts for these glasses.  Cut a lime wedge, squeeze it into the margarita, drop it in, and give it a stir.  Voila! 

Alternately, you could mix the “parts” in a cocktail shaker and pour into the glasses for a colder drink and a bit of flair.

Perfect with Mexican food–we had fish tacos with these–or as a wind-down on a Friday afternoon with some chips.  Yummy!  If you’re ever in Boulder, CO, I highly recommend Tahona’s on Pearl St.  Sit at the bar for the best “education.”  The food is fabulous as well.

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3 responses to “Wild Margaritas

  1. If you drink enough of these, you WILL go WILD! woohoo

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