Snowman Soup

So.  Yesterday I was out running errands and was somehow compelled to drop into our local Herbergers store.  I know!  How unlike me!  Anyway, Herbergers is having one of their “yellow dot” sales along with Christmas clearance.  I had myself a little shopping spree my mom would have been proud of!  I got a couple little sunflower plates, a crystal candy dish and the cutest snowman mug and plate ever….all for the grand total of $17.00.  Yup.  Saved $40.00!  Mom would have asked how I was planning to spend all the money I saved.  ❤

When I saw this mug and plate, I just knew Snowman Soup HAD to happen!

If you haven’t had hot chocolate this way before, I urge you to find your favorite wintery mug and give it a try!

  • 1 package (1 serving if you buy canisters) hot chocolate mix, made according to package directions
  • 1 peppermint candy cane
  • 3 Hershey’s kisses
  • a handful of mini marshmallows (Friend Sue posted these uber-cute French vanilla-flavored, snowman-shaped marshmallows the other night–perfect! Find them with the rest of the marshmallows in your grocery store.)

Make your hot chocolate with water hot enough to eventually melt the chocolate and the candy cane….not scalding, but you know, hot.

Unwrap the kisses and drop them in.  Stir until melted (with a regular spoon–they are too thick to stir with the candy cane).

Add marshmallows and the candy cane.  Voila!  It’s super chocolatey, creamy and pepperminty soup!  Yummy!

How wonderful to have actual snowmen in my Snowman Soup!

Back in my teacher days, my core (3 other teachers and me) used to give a Snowman Party for those quiet kids who always did their homework, were always nice to everyone, and tended to be sort of invisible; never really getting the recognition they deserved.  Snowman Soup is always served; although the highlight of a Snowman Party is usually the snowball fight.  Indoors.  Started by the teachers.  One of us would find a reason to get it started and commense to throw regular-sized marshmallows at each other.  At first to the complete shock of the kids, and then to their delight as they join in!  (Throwing things in a classroom is not in THESE kids’ usual repertoire!)  Marshmallows that escape the clean-up continue to be found throughout the school year, always bringing a smile over the memory of the snowball fight.  🙂

I hope you can find some time to go play in the snow and come in for a steaming cup of Snowman Soup sometime this winter.  And if you don’t have snow…get some regular-sized marshmallows and have a snowball fight!  🙂

BTW, too late for this year, but Snowman Soup ingredients in a cute wintery mug make excellent gifties for teachers, coworkers, neighbors….Google Snowman Soup and you’ll find a variety of free printable lables to include with your gift!

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