Parsley Walnut Pesto

Wow it’s been a while since I’ve blogged!  October is a busy, busy month for a band mom–marching events, the state qualifier and a trip to the State Marching Band Competition take a lot of planning and volunteering.  I’m not complaining–I absolutely LOVE our Marching Warriors!  ❤  Marching season is finished, the show has been “put to bed,” and we’re heading into concert band, jazz band and pit orchestra seasons–all a bit less time-intensive for me, so hopefully my poor blog won’t be so ignored.  🙂

We’ve had a series of hard frosts here in Western Colorado.  The first one got my basil–waaahhhh.  No basil pesto this year.  Parsley is a bit tougher plant and withstood the first frost with no problem.  I’ve been covering it to assure at least SOME pesto for the winter.  Parsley Walnut Pesto is a nice substitute for basil pesto, and just as easy to make.

For one batch:

  • 2 cups loosely packed parsley (I prefer flat-leaf Italian parsley.  I think it is more flavor-y)
  • 4 cloves garlic
  • 1/3 cup walnuts
  • 1 cup grated parmesan cheese
  • salt and pepper to taste
  • 1/4 cup extra virgin olive oil

I had LOTS of parsley, so I made triple batches.

Remove leaves from the stems–parsley stems are tough and stringy–NOT good for a smooth pesto!

Wash and dry the leaves.  I float the parsley in water in a clean sink, then use a salad spinner to dry them.

Add the measured amount of leaves and corresponding number of peeled garlic cloves to a food processor–a triple batch has 6 cups leaves, 12 cloves.  I highly recommend those little tube garlic peelers if you’re making tons of pesto and therefore peeling tons of garlic.

Give the parsley and garlic a rough chop.

Add nuts, cheese, salt and pepper.  Process on low.

With the machine running, slowly stream in the olive oil. 

Mix until well combined.  You have pesto!  Taste it and adjust salt and pepper if needed.  How easy was that?  No need to pay the big bucks for grocery-store pesto when you can whip up a batch freshy-fresh!

I like to make a lot while I’m at it, package it up and freeze it for the winter. I measure out 1/2 cup amounts and place them in a snack-size ziploc, then place a bunch of the pesto packets in a gallon freezer ziploc, marked with the date and contents. 

Yummy!  1/2 cup is a perfect amount for saucing a pasta, adding to mashed potatoes, or jazzing up chicken

The pesto freezes well and defrosts in a jiffy in the microwave.  My triple batches resulted in five little 1/2 cup bags of pesto.

This recipe is the one I use for basil pesto, subbing in basil for the parsley, pine nuts for the walnuts.  Play around with it according to ingredients you have.  Tree-nut allergies?  Try using sunflower seeds.  I’m thinking pecans would also be yummy…..mmmmmmm!

What will YOU make with your fresh pesto?

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