Basil Lemonade

It has been a wet and chilly and windy spring here in Western Colorado.  I’ve been craving soup and drinking hot coffee instead of the frozen lattes I usually order this time of year.  I’ve been wearing layers.  And socks.  My tomatoes have been shivering and not growing much–in my greenhouse.  Waaaaaaahhhhh.

Today the sun came out and the wind became a gentle breeze.  I wore capris and a t-shirt and sandals–no socks!  I worked in the garden!  In honor of suddenly-spring, I craved a cold and refreshing drink–basil lemonade!

This is not the lemonade in the drink cooler made from the dried-stuff-in-a-packet of your childhood picnics.  This is lemonade from a real lemon, spiced with the grown-up flavor of real basil.  Oh yeah.

You’ll need:

  • a lemon
  • fresh basil–I’ve got about 7 leaves here
  • a packet of sweetener–I like stevia
  • a nice drinking glass
  • a muddler–you can use the handle-end of a wooden spoon
  • a citrus reamer  ( I use an antique one that catches the juice.)
  • a small strainer

Place the basil and sweetener in the bottom of a glass and use the muddler to break up the basil leaves–releasing their oils.  (The sweetener’s crystals assist in the breaking up.)

Squeeze the juice from a lemon and strain it into the glass.

Fill glass half-full of ice, add chilled water, stir and enjoy.  (Strain out the basil, if you want.)

Ahhhhhhhh……yummy!  I love how refreshing this lemonade is with the extra mmmmm of basil.  I’m liking it so much, I went to the greenhouse today and bought extra basil to plant! 

The mint in the garden is doing what mint does, so I’m seeing mojitos in the near future…..

What’s your favorite summer refreshment?

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4 responses to “Basil Lemonade

  1. What an unusual flavor combination that I never would have thought to try on my own. Another way to enjoy the basil from my garden this summer? You’ve got me curious! Already looking forward to replenishing my frozen homemade pesto!
    I know your summer posts will include lots of ways to enjoy our home grown bounty. Can’t wait!!

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