Sweet-Tooth Saturday: Chocolate Dipped Strawberries

The Reeder Mesa Vineyards Wine Club pick-up party is tomorrow and I’m helping out–making dipped strawberries for a whole bunch of people.  Anywhere from 80-100 people usually show up–for great food, great wine, barrel-tastings, and lots of fun while picking up the quarter’s wine selections.  This time it’s the unreleased 2010 Reisling and one of the “petites”–Petite Syrah or Petite Verdot.

Have you seen how luscious the strawberries in the grocery store are right now?  All plump and red and shiny….mmmmmmm!  And then dipped in chocolate?!  Yup, just the thing.

You only need a few things to create this uber-yummy spring treat:

  • chocolate–sweetness level of your choice
  • strawberries–as big as you can find
  • white chocolate to make pretty drizzled accents

That’s it!  First, wash and carefully examine each strawberry.  Set any with bruises aside and make somethin’ yummy from them (shortcake?!) later.  Watch for petals hiding under the little leaves and wash them away.

Dry berries on towels, and then let them air-dry for a bit to be sure they are completely dry before dipping.

Break chocolate into small-ish bits, place in a microwave-safe bowl and microwave in 30-second intervals stirring in between, until smooth.

Hold strawberry by its stem or leaves, dip into the chocolate, shake off excess and place on waxed paper to dry.

When berries are dry, melt white chocolate in the same way.  Use a fork to drizzle pretty accent lines over the berries. 

Let them dry completely and arrange them on a platter(s).  (I have four platters like this one for tomorrow!!!)

Oh look!  One fell off the platter!  Guess I’ll have to eat it….mmmmmm!  Yummy!

These will be perfect with Reeder Mesa’s dessert wine, Purple Haze.  If you live in Western Colorado, stop on up to Reeder Mesa Winery tomorrow (May 1, 2011) between noon and 4pm.  Join the Wine Club and enjoy a yummy light lunch, great wine and one (or more!) of these yummy strawberries!

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