Foodie Blog Field Trip!

~Image from   (How funny is it that I found a field trip image with my name in it?!  Nyuk, nyuk, nyuk!)

I’m heading out for the weekend and won’t be posting to this blog for a couple of days.  I know, I know, you’ll miss me.  😉  Never fear, there are lots of foodie blogs for you to visit and this is a great opportunity!  Here are some of my favs:

A Full Measure of Happiness, written byLauren Zeitsman.  Lauren is a 20-something student who is an absolute food genius and amazing food photographer.  Visit her blog for comfort foods, exotic flavors and spectacular baked goods.

Smitten Kitchen, written by Deb Perelman.  Deb whips up culinary magic in a kitchen that occupies a tiny 42 square feet.  Visit her blog for stepped-up comfort food favs, tutorials and quick and tasty side dishes.

Daily Crave, written by Natalie Lewis.  Natalie is a Le Cordon Bleu Culinary School grad.  Visit her blog for a huge variety of recipes from different regions of the world, and recipes for specific holidays.

Rainy Day Gal, written by Jenny in Seattle.  Jenny has created a visually gorgeous blog full of yummy recipes.  Visit her blog for sweets, main courses and appetizers–check out her recipe index!

FoodPress, written by tons of bloggers!  Even yours truly has been linked to in FoodPress.  FoodPress has featured tags (like dessert, breakfast, vegetarian), and featured bloggers.

Enjoy your field trip, and I’ll be back with Somethin’ Yummy in a couple of days.   (Unless Fang gets me!)   Hugs and kisses, Heidi  🙂


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