Pizza Night!

Monday night has been Pizza Night since Mr16 was a freshman in marching band.  Marching bands practice for hours and hours.  Often, more hours than the football team!  When he gets home he is thirsty and hungry.  Dinner can’t happen quickly enough.  The solution?  Take-and-Bake pizza! 

If we’re near the highschool, we go to Papa Murphy’s.  We order the pizza and drive a couple of blocks to pick it up.  If we’re in town, we go to Nick and Willy’s.  Tonight we were in town for an oboe lesson.  We ordered right after the lesson, and the pizza was ready when we got there!

We have a VIP card from Nick and Willy’s–bought from a school fundraiser.  The card is $10, and gives you a two-for one sort of deal: buy a signature pizza, get a single topping of the same size free.  The card pays for itself on the first use, and you can use it 10 times!

Tonight we ordered a large Magellan and a large sausage.  The Magellan is one of the signature pizzas.  The menu describes it this way: “An adventure in taste! White zesty garlic sauce, mozzarella, fontina, fresh spinach, roma tomatoes, mushrooms, spicy sausage, fresh-chopped basil.”


Yummy!  All take-and-bake pizzas come with similar baking instructions, conveniently stuck on the top of the wrapping.  A bit of experimentation is in order to find the correct time for your oven.  The pizza comes on a disposable pan, so clean up is a breeze!

Here are a couple pieces of the Magellan, baked and the baked sausage pizza.

I love having dinner already decided on Mondays.  No fuss, no mess, yummy, and you can’t beat two large pizzas for $16!  We usually have leftover for breakfast the next day and/or lunch!  (Just LOVE pizza for breakfast!) 

We almost always have pizza on Mondays–even during vacations.  Do you have special food days at your house?  How did they come about?


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