Sweet-tooth Saturday: Beyond Vanilla

I’m helpless if there’s ice cream in the freezer–it’s always the perfect somethin’ yummy after dinner.  While looking for white chocolate ice cream for Mr16 the other day, I came across some flavors I just had to try: two from Kroger’s Private Selection Reserve, and one from Haagen Dazs.

The pink one on the right is Strawberry Peppercorn from Private Selection.  The label says, “Dark chocolate shavings and ripe strawberry slices folded into peppery strawberry ice cream swirled with strawberry puree.”  I like pepper on strawberries in a salad, so I was intrigued!  The ice cream part wasn’t very strawberry-y, but the strawberry slices and puree more than made up for that.  The pepper isn’t immediately noticeable; more of a slight bit of heat on the back of your palate.  I liked it because it wasn’t overly sweet, and that little hit of pepper was fun!  I’d buy it again!

Haagen Dazs’ Green Tea is strangely yummy.  “Our green tea ice cream is crafted from highly-sought Japanese Matcha green tea, a ceremonial tea prized for its intense yet delicate character.”  It has that grassy sort of flavor that green tea has, followed by a yummy smooth sweet cream flavor.  It’s a really “clean” taste, and sort of reminiscent of summer evenings.  I love the color, and the zen-like feel of eating green tea.  My cat, Pookie, is pretty sure it’s catnip ice cream and hovers around whenever I have a bowl. 

The richest and most addictive of the three is on the left: Private Selection’s Chocolate Hazelnut Mascarpone.  “Chocolate-covered whole hazelnuts folded into tangy mascarpone ice cream and swirled with chocolate.”   The mascarpone ice cream is vanilla-ish, but beyond vanilla in yumminess, and chocolate-covered hazelnuts?!  OMG!  This ice cream would be a great finish to an Italian dinner, or perfect, as DH and I do at times, right from the carton while watching TV! 

Next time you treat yourself to ice cream, get brave and try a new flavor–a fun way to vanquish the winter doldrums.  You might find a new favorite, or be inspired to create a new yummy sundae!


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