A Yummy Valentine’s Field Trip

Somethin’ Yummy went on the road today to research an idea for you, dear readers, for Valentine’s Day fun.  Oh the sacrifices for you.  🙂  DH and I took a drive up the road to Reeder Mesa Vineyards, with a Valentine for Doug and Kris (Red Velvet cupcake poppers–stay tuned for more about that tomorrow!).   Reeder Mesa Winery and Vineyards is a great place to go for a romantic field trip!  Have a look at what you’d see from their deck in the summer:

Can’t you just see yourself and your sweetie enjoying a glass of Reeder Mesa wine right there?  Check out the Memories page of the Reeder Mesa site for more beautiful scenery and happy revelers!

Today, Kris was in the tasting room and invited us to taste their freshly bottled Land’s End Wild Rosé, along with some yummy Jarlsburg cheese.  (Isn’t it pretty?!)

Mike Chariton, owner of Planet Wines in Grand Junction, Colorado, reviewed this lovely, approachable wine in the recent edition of Reeder Mesa’s newsletter, Through the Petiole: “2010 Land’s End Wild Rosé:  Made from a rarely seen varietal called Valdiguié, this rosé is the perfect antidote to winter — bright pink, the color of watermelon Jolly Ranchers, the appearance is youthful and playful. The nose is muted red raspberry, leading to flavors of cranberry, blood orange, and a hint of honey. Pair this delightful wine with highly seasoned Asian food, or enjoy its vibrant acidity with spicy barbecued shrimp. Stock up for the summer to quench your thirst on those hot days!”  –Personally, I get strawberry and pink grapefruit notes.  It was quite yummy with the Jarlsburg!

Reeder Mesa has received tons of awards for their wines.  In my opinion, no matter which wine you select, it will be yummy!

Kris has gift-wrapped some bottles just in time for Valentine’s, including the port-style Purple Haze, which is packaged with little chocolate cups you can drink your Purple Haze from, and then follow up the wine yumminess with the perfect chocolate bite!

You’ll find a great selection of wine gifts at Reeder Mesa as well, including the Vinturi I discussed in my last post.

Reeder Mesa Winery really represents the vibe of the Grand Valley wine culture–a friendly, laid back atmosphere and wines with the Grand Valley terroir.  Doug allows the grapes to determine what the wines will be and doesn’t really “mess” with them much.  The resulting wines are earthy and flavorful!

Bottom line for this post?  A winery trip is a perfect and yummy way to celebrate Valentine’s Day with your sweetie.  Experience a winery, perhaps meet the winemaker, taste some yummy wines, buy some to take home and keep the Valentine’s feeling going!  What could be more yummy?!


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