House Favorite Goulash

Do you ever have those nights when you don’t know what you’re going to make for dinner?  When you’re tired and you want something easy-peasy?  Something that everyone will be happy to see?  In my house, the recipe that fills the bill is our House Favorite Goulash.  It’s not technically a goulash in the Hungarian sense, but this is how Mom made it and she called it goulash, so there ya go! 

It’s made of things I almost always have in the house. 

1 pound of ground meat  (This is hamburger, but any ground meat will work.)

1-2 packages of your favorite pasta  (We like penne, but any smallish pasta will do.)

1 medium onion, chopped

1 green pepper, chopped   (I didn’t have one last night, but it really makes this recipe better if you have one!)

1 jar of your favorite pasta sauce   (Our favorite is the homemade sauce made from the recipe in Barbara Kingsolver’s Animal, Vegetable, Miracle)

Salt and pepper

Start your pasta.  I used 2 packages of pasta to be able to have enough for my teenager–he LOVES this(!), plus some leftover–it’s a GREAT leftover!

While pasta cooks, place a large fry pan over medium heat and add about a TBSP of olive oil to the bottom.  Chop the onion and green pepper (it really IS better with green pepper!), add them to the pan with salt and pepper to taste and saute until soft.

When veggies are softened, move them to the edges of the pan and place the ground meat in the center.  Break it up with a wooden spoon.

Cook, stirring and breaking up the meat chunks occasionally until meat is browned.  Mix the veggies into the meat and reduce heat to low.

When pasta is ready, drain it.  Return the pot to the stove over medium heat.  While pasta drains, add sauce and meat mixture to the pot.

Stir them together and add the pasta.  Stir to combine, and leave on heat until your goulash is heated through.

When steam rises from the goulash when it’s stirred, it’s ready to serve!  Ladle into bowls, top with your favorite shredded cheese and dinner is ready!  Yum!

So.  Nothing fancy, but a great, fast comfort food.  This recipe works well for potlucks, too!  (Thanks for the great idea–potluck recipes–Sue!)  You could get fancy and put the completed goulash in a casserole dish, stir some cheese into it, add more on top and bake it in the oven at 350 degrees until the cheese starts to brown.  Mmmmmm….yummy!



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3 responses to “House Favorite Goulash

  1. Yep, this is pretty much what I remember my grandma calling goulash, too. I didn’t make it much for my kids, mostly because my DH preferred rice over pasta when given a choice. I remember big chunks of tomatoes, so I think maybe she used canned tomatoes instead of sauce? Great quick dinner idea, tho… Thanks!

  2. I’ve used canned tomatoes, too–especially in the summer when I’m out of “the sauce.” 🙂 I would think rice would work–sort of a “dirty rice.”

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