Cornflakes with Grandma

I don’t know about you, but I have food-associated memories.  (Actually, the more I blog about it, the more I’m starting to worry just a bit that I may be obsessed with food!) 

Anyway, one of my dearest memories is from when I was a little girl growing up in Northeast Iowa.  I was a lucky little kid for lots of reasons, but especially because my grandparents (Dad’s folks) lived right across the street.  I was their first grandchild and was spoiled rotten by them.  (Not that I didn’t deserve it!)  Grandpa drove one of those Chevys with the fins on the back and worked at John Deere’s–the big industry in that part of the state.  Grandma was a housewife–typical for the time–giving her lots and lots of time to spend with me.  Here’s a picture of Grandma and me in front of her house in 1961, I was 2:

So.  The food memory part.  I remember trotting across the street on many a warm spring or summer morning to have breakfast and chat with Grandma.  What did we talk about?  I don’t remember.  What did we have for breakfast?  Kellogs Cornflakes with bananas sliced on top.  Grandma had a sunny breakfast nook with a little round table in it, and that’s where we’d eat and chat.  To this day, cornflakes don’t taste right without banana slices, and whenever I eat them, I think about Grandma.  Isn’t it funny how the food is what my brain associated with Grandma, and not the conversations?  I was a chatty little thing, so I know we must have talked about SOMETHING.  Maybe it’s the way we humans associate food with love.  She feed me, took time out of her day to be with me; she loved me.  The yummiest thing of all.



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2 responses to “Cornflakes with Grandma

  1. What a lovely post. I hope my Mr5 will remember me when he grows up and eats pancakes. I make him pancakes every weekend. He loves it because it’s just me and him.

    • You make him pancakes every weekend?! I don’t think you’re as clumsy in the kitchen as Coco sez! I bet he’ll remember that and the beach and the day that Coco ate the snowman’s nose! It’s so cool that you are creating all those memories for him.

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