Hello Fellow Foodies!

The name of this blog comes from a common response at my house to the question, “What do you want for dinner tonight?”  Or, “Which wine would you like with dinner?”  It’s usually preceded by, “I don’t know….”   I’ll be sharing recipes, great gadgets and appliances, kitchen stuff I’m currently lusting over, books about cooking (not just cookbooks) and fabulous successes and miserable failures, culinarily speaking.  For example:

This morning, I discovered why there are no recipes for blueberry waffles.  Blueberries were 2 for 1 at the grocery, the fam was hankering for waffles, everyone knows and loves blueberry pancakes…..so why not blueberry waffles? 

Consider the waffle iron.  Hot.  Lots of little crevices.  Consider the blueberry.  Juicy.  Sugary.  When hot meets juicy, it causes a bit of an explosion…well maybe that’s a bit much, but the blueberries do burst.  When hot meets sugary it causes caramelization.  When caramelization meets lots of little crevices……let’s just say it took me half an hour to clean all the over-caramelization out of those little crevices.  Not fun when your appliance is “non-immersible.”  The waffles, once pried from the machine, were pretty tasty.  Not pretty.  Not fun to make. 

My recommendation for blueberry waffles:  use your usual waffle recipe, and serve the blueberries ON TOP.  Maybe with a bit of lemon zest….that might be yummy!



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4 responses to “Hello Fellow Foodies!

  1. Carol

    So glad you ventured into that experiment and saved us all the bother 🙂 Love the blog title!

  2. or heat a little real maple syrup on the stove and drop in some blueberries and raspberries and let warm for a couple minutes–yummo!

  3. Oh you crack me up: “When hot meets juicy, it causes a bit of an explosion….”
    From, Chris the Foodie

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